To each his own style

Your style … Your personality


Between us and our style there is a special story, our clothing choices have often acted as an expression of our personality ! Let’s discover what reveals the quest for style of each of us and how to highlight us. 

Let’s go! 

  • Classic … is a symbol of responsibility and loyalty : 

If you like simple and timeless clothes, if your handbag is black and if your wardrobe consists mainly of black, your style is classic! 

Who says classic style often says conventional personality, this style automatically refers to the responsibility and the rigor.

The pieces of clothing are expressly chosen to suit all occasions, moreover, in the world of work, the correct dress is often classic, neutral and practical, it allows to highlight the serious and sober side. 

  • The eccentric look … the unique look that belongs only to you! 

It is a mixture of all the kinds according to the desires, a person who dresses in an eccentric way often has a sparkling personality, extroverted and opened to the exchanges!

She designs her own wardrobe as long as it is different from the others and the fashion of the moment.

In other words, the look is about using your imagination or your wildest fantasies, or even constantly doubling the effort to be the center of attention !

  • Fashion addicts … at the forefront of the latest trends !

Routine is not in their vocabulary, change does not scare them and they are very involved in the fashion sphere.

We reveal you their secret, for them, the sales, it is better than the vacations; They prepare them weeks in advance and they locate all that they need at any price!

It is not finished, when they leave on a trip, their suitcase exceeds, often by far, the authorized weight at the airport. And we don’t even talk about the return trip!

In general, a person qualified as a fashion addict often has an extroverted personality and is open-minded !  

So, have you found your style among those presented above?

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