To each his own style

The most trendy handbags: let’s discover together what’s new!


To each his own! Some collect shoes, others prefer to spend their fortune to offer themselves pretty trendy handbags.
Here, we reveal the trendy it-bags of the season.

The quilted bag 

Fashionistas are crazy about it, wearing it means taking a step ahead in terms of style, it goes with all your outfits.Ready-to-wear brands also project this style on their stores, so it is impossible not to find the quilted model to wear at arm’s length.If you like to play the fashion trends to the fullest, dare the quilted duo by combining your new bag with a skirt or a padded coat.

The fur bag

In the middle of winter, we all need a cosy accessory, here is one, the big brands have favored fake fur for the creation of their latest bag models.It is the best ally of the cold season that will accompany the oversize coat and winter boots with delicacy.Whether it is in micro or maxi size, or whether it is adorned with animal prints or monochrome colors, there is no doubt that this bag is well installed to ensure during this season.



The micro bag 

A mini version of a handbag to carry the essentials whether you’re going out for the evening, to the office or on vacation. Light, comfortable and elegant, the mini handbag continues its momentum this season.On a trendy dress, it will immediately bring the sophisticated touch you need and on a more casual look, it will give the dressy touch needed to upgrade your outfit with a feminine touch!

The maxi clutch 

is designed to replace the handbag, you can wear it in your hand or close to your chest.
Rigid and flexible, it is a miracle accessory that ensures a trendy, chic and casual look!
They vary in geometry, but also in material, soft or hard, and are sometimes accompanied by a shoulder strap.

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