To each his own style

The eccentric look isn’t messy at all !


The real challenge of this style is to understand the way to combine the correct pieces of clothing to make a harmonious and chic result.
Always prioritise originality, without falling into bad taste. In general, a geek has his own style and doesn’t follow a particular codification. In other words, you create a method of your own.
The combination of pieces is created in keeping with your mood and your desires. An individual who is eccentric inside and has merit perfectly combines the possible with the impossible for a shocking and classy result.

Colours to match, regulation lengths, materials seeable and fashion shows … when it involves the eccentric style, this can be the smallest amount of our worries. the principles of the sport are changing completely, we are able to wear summer in winter and fall in summer, mittens within the middle of August and a bikini in December … the foremost important thing is that everybody realises it!
The marriage of designs is that the basis, just put the correct doses of fluorescent, layering, incongruous clothes not made to travel with one another.

If you would like to try and do it right, here are our tips:
– The design is usually supported few things: a pleasant cut, a pleasant material, a flattering colour, an adjunct that hits the spot. To actually stand out from the gang and be a part of those whose eccentric look will make history!
– you’ve got to understand the way to wear surprising pieces, those that amaze us after we see them on the model, or those that we acquired on a whim.
– To wear an eccentric piece, the most effective is to match it with basics, but it’s necessary to own good classics that don’t contain superfluous details!
– the risk-taking, and yes, it’s the premise, a robust piece and other character; a touch dress related to light derbies with heels in a very style always bohemian and an organic jewellery within the same warm and glossy … yes it must be daring!

Thus, we’ll confuse you more with the walls during the day!

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