To each his own style

The classic look … a sure thing!


Classic style and elegance are two worlds that get along well, the classic style has many assets, mainly the feeling of confidence which emerges from it. but especially the refinement of the look!

Contrary to what is common, having a classic style does not rhyme with boredom.

Being classic is the assurance of knowing how to choose the right pieces for you, it was born for the rich … the noble!

A date, an evening with friends or a business meeting. But that’s not all, the occasions to wear this look are numerous.

So how do you master the classic chic look? 

– To be well dressed with a classic chic look, choose good quality clothes, we tell you right away, “No elegance without quality”.

The lack of quality on a classic outfit can be seen as the nose in the middle of the face.

– It is also necessary to balance volumes and lengths, the elegance intervenes to harmonize the whole; a fluid top with a pencil skirt for example or a large trouser with body… this mixture of volume brings the originality and the modernity which it is necessary! 

We also talk about the game of lengths, if your skirt is rather short, avoid a deep neckline!

– The mixture of colours is an art! 

We all know that the classic style is based on basic and neutral colours. The challenge is to add with taste a more remarkable colour that will blend with the basics. Pastels, or deep colours like emerald green, are distinguished by their soft and discreet elegance.

What accessories will complete this look? 

Accessories are always useful for style. However, be careful not to overdo it and risk overloading your look. While a classic chic woman can wear dangling earrings and a bucket bag, a classic chic man can afford a suede belt to match his shoes and a dark bag.

What you should never forget: 

The smile, politeness and balance remain essential to appear elegant in all circumstances!

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