To each his own style

Let’s talk about shoes… trendy shoes!


Booties for when it’s cold, sneakers for when it’s mild, loafers for our work meetings and trendy boots for winter.

Each season has its own trends, so let’s discover this season’s novelties!

  • Clogs

they continue to impose themselves on the fashion scene by finding a place of size in the fall wardrobe. The most stylish influencers of Instagram are fans of them.

The reason for its success? An unequalled comfort but especially an ease to be worn. In summer and winter, these shoes can perfectly suit all types of looks.

To be the most trendy in clogs, here is our advice, do not be afraid to be original, printed. zebra and even floral it is what is most trendy!

  • The chunky loafer

they are all the rage this season, it’s a surprising mix between classic loafers and chunky boots.

Mid-season shoes par excellence, they can be worn with everything and on any occasion; with jeans, a skirt or even with a dress … they combine perfectly with almost all other pieces of our dressing.

This shoe, with its feminine-masculine style, is perfect for appropriating the genderless trend.

In short, you’ll definitely have everything right!

  • The second skin effect boots

This is probably the scariest trend of this season.

The particularity of being very tight, hugging the leg in order to ensure an ultra sexy walk.

These stretchy and tight boots are the perfect transitional shoe and can be combined wonderfully with skirts and short dresses for a very sixties result.

We prefer them in sober, soft colors and pastel declinations!

  • The colored boots and booties

What’s on the agenda? Pop or pastel colors and optimal comfort for a season placed under the sign of optimism.

Available in various neon tones. From green to pink to orange, this season’s boots promise to make the fashion radar flash!

Your shoe becomes a real fashion accessory that brings style and elegance to your outfit.

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