To each his own style

Addicted to fashion ? what a cute sin !


Being a fashion addict means being completely in love with everything about fashion, every change is an art project for you, it simply means being unable to “walk” into a store without stopping to see what is on offer. 

For a fashion addict, happiness is not necessarily to buy everything he sees, it is enough to look or create a beautiful outfit.

Being a fashion and style addict is also about always being noticed;

People can’t help but look at your well thought out outfit … the patterns and colors mixed well . 

There is no better way to show what mood you are in on a given day, what you care about is your outfit of the day.

The feeling you get when you find that precious item in your size, the sheer excitement of what you might find and then when you do … shall we talk about it?

We do it another way, if you recognise yourself in this selection of evidence, you are officially declared a fashion addict! 

  • More space on your phone, it’s loaded with apps, photos and fashion inspiration! 

You make lists, quick notes of what you want, what is “for you” vital needs … Careful, we’re talking about having to buy a new tweed jacket for this winter! 

  • Shopping for you is the discovery of the treasure, local stores, chic boutiques or online stores … you do not miss anything! 

For your entourage, you are the reference, when it comes to trends, fashion … you are the right source! you master the style better than them, they must follow your footsteps!

  • You have a fetish for buying new things, no way to miss a shopping offer, you are the first to book it! 

Follow and share top fashion brands, celebrities, bands and designers … you do it religiously!

  • Even with a closet that seems full of clothes, you’ll never find anything to wear!

Obviously, the #OOTD on Instagram is a reflex! You can never forget it, no matter what the circumstances!

If you post the majority (if not all) of these features, you’re addicted to fashion… wear your addiction proudly!

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